Membership – Ongerup Library

Enrolling at the Ongerup Library is free and allows access to over 2 million items
located in public libraries throughout Western Australia. Our collection includes:

  • Fictions and non-fiction
  • Magazines and periodicals
  • Audiobooks
  • DVDs

and more!

Southern WA Library Consortium

Southern WA Library Consortium is a network of libraries in southern Western Australia. Members of a participating library are able to use their library card at any of the locations. 15 libraries within 10 local government areas currently participate in the network.
You can also request a book to be sent to your local library from a participating library. To do this, simply expand your search to the Southern WA Library Consortium catalogue and reserve an item located at another library. You will be notified by your local library once the item arrives and is ready to be collected.

Become a Member

You can join the library online by clicking here.
Alternatively fill in the registration form and email it to or drop it off in person at Yongergnow-Ongerup CRC.